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Meet Mike

Mike is a fierce social and environmental justice advocate, organizer and action taker. When he is not exchanging knowledge on progressive leadership and sharing what it means to be a settler on Treaty 7 land, he graciously dedicates a lot of time to saving the world at events, one bin at a time. Let’s hear from Mike!

What is your experience with Green Event Services?

Since 2015, I’ve worked as a Transporter, Sorter, Trash Talker, Area Manager, Event Leader, and have even helped out in the office.

What is the best part about your role with Green Event Services?

It’s definitely a tie between the relationships developed with coworkers and leaving an event perfectly tidy.

Has working with Green Event Services impacted your life?

I have made so many long lasting friends. I can’t stop myself from sorting through bins when I’m out (and not working). I pay close attention to what’s going on in the city around waste diversion. I find that I’m more positive in general because doing positive, measurable and meaningful work with GES makes life more satisfying. It’s good to make progress!

Do you have a favourite event to work at?

Sled Island!

What advice might you share with those wanting to live an environmentally engaged life?

You’d think I’d have an answer for this one. Hmmm, I guess it’s this:
Don’t feel like you have to be the one that shows up everyday to save the planet. Don’t feel like it’s all on you. There are countless other people out there, doing the same work, caring about similar things, and doing more than you can imagine in ways that you haven’t imagined. To quote Colin, “by working together we can get this done.”

Any takeaways?

Good planning and communications are what makes teamwork successful. And, leadership that shares in the workload is inspiring.

Thanks, Mike!